Hey!! It seems like forever since I have done one of these posts! I am linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites and also linking up with Christina, Natasha, April, and Darci for 5 on Friday! Let’s do this!




Have you guys tried Mio? I love it in regular water or in seltzer water! This is my favorite, Mango Peach. I have been on a peach kick lately, and hopefully it never stops because PEACHES!


God loves you

Oatmeal mug cake



Did you catch my posts from this week? If not and you want to check them out here they are!


Let Go and Let God

Do you struggle with letting go? I will be honest, I really struggle. When I am worked up about something or really struggling with something I know God is saying,”Elise, don’t do this to yourself. I will take care of you, you just need to let it go, and let me take care of it.” Giving God control isn’t always easy for me, but I know He working in me to change that. And the peace and relief you feel after letting go is AMAZING! So today I am letting go. Letting go to the things that wear me down. Letting go of the things that confuse and worry me. Letting go of the past. Letting go of fear and doubt. I surrender. I trust that He will take care of me, because I know He loves me more than I will ever know.


fs july

I wanted to let you know that I have decided to end my favorite series. So this month is the end. I want to have a little more freedom on posting that day, instead of sticking to a schedule. I still have one more week and it will be about apps so excited to share that!



I love this! I know for me I get caught up in life that I forget to celebrate and appreciate the little things. For me those are:

Outdoor Activities (frisbee, rolling down our hill, etc.)

A yummy drink in the middle of the afternoon

A new follower on Instagram

A text/email from a friend

Funny stories and conversations with my family. Let’s just say our conversations can get really wacky sometimes!

A new book or movie

What are some little things that make you happy?


I want all these earrings! Enough said.


I hope you have a beautiful day and weekend!! God bless!