Happy Thursday!! Today I am talking books, so here are my favorites…

hunger games


The Hunger Games

I love the books but also love the movies! Tell me what popular franchise do you love?

my choclate year

My Chocolate Year

I love this book, and have probably read it 5 times! It is a really easy read and funny! It also is a little sad, just to let you know.


Holy Bible

Being a follower of Christ, the Bible is one of God’s gifts to us. I went to CHIC 2015 and Louie Giglio spoke and talked about how the bible (Holy Scriptures) is the breath of God and is our oxygen. So I have been trying to be in the word more lately. I love that the bible can be our answer book and give us great comfort as well!

red river series

Red River of the North (and all the sequel series that follow this one)

I love the setting of this series! It is a fictional story of a small town called Blessing in North Dakota! The books are pretty easy to read and really fun! I love them and the next book is coming out this fall and I am super excited!


What do you like to read?

fs july

July FS Schedule