I went to CHIC 2015 on July 11-18 in Knoxville, TN! It was so fun and I thought I would recap it for you! So I at first thought I would do days 1-4 but then looked at it and thought,”Wow that is a lot of photos”, so I decided to only do 1-3!

{DAY 1}

So we had to meet at our church to leave for Monticello, MN at like 9 so we we got up at about 6:30 to get ready. Once we go to church we packed up went over different things, took a group photo, and left for Monticello!


Maggie and me in the van to Monticello.


Once we got to Monticello we ate lunch and then hung out until it was time to meet the buses.

IMG_4608 IMG_4611

Left Photo: My older brother, Colin Right: Maggie and me on the bus.


Blurry photo but we watched Tim Hawkins on the way. We played Charades on my iPod which was a lot of fun!


I got bored so I braided my hair.

We stopped in Madison, WI at a mall for dinner, but first had to look for umbrellas.



Susie trying on the fun glasses at sears. After about and hour at the mall we made it back to the bus and off we go. We watched movies and some of us attempted to sleep. At around 11 pm we stopped at a gas station to fill the bus up and picked up snacks.


Ready to go to sleep! There were pretty bad thunderstorms that night which were cool! But even though I took Zzquil, I still was up really often, but I survived.

{DAY 2}


The next morning we stopped at Cracker Barrel in Kentucky. Right before we left Kentucky we found out that instead of staying in the dorms at the UT campus, we were going to stay in a hotel. It was nice but there were pros and cons:


Private bathrooms



Shuttle buses

Bad breakfast (it wasn’t that bad but wasn’t great either)



Finally there!!! We had to wait till 3 to get into our rooms so we hung out in the lobby till like 2.



We then decided to walk to the campus for the opening party. Thankfully we got a ride with a shuttle bus that was on it’s way to the hotel!


The view from the bridge above.


During the opening party, Anthem Lights performed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so exciting!!!! And just because, here are some photos and videos!


Alan brought his adorable daughter on stage!


I also met and got a picture with Fallon, Chad’s wife!! She looked great me not so much, but it was after a 24 hour bus ride so I didn’t really care.


Maggie stole my iPod and took a picture.


Lacey, Aidan, and I at MainStage that night! And a random photo bomber! Also how hilarious does Aidan look?

We went back to the hotel and FINALLY took showers, and chilled until about midnight or so.

{DAY 3}


Maggie and I on our way to breakfast the next morning.


This is a view of the lobby from the balcony.


On our way to basecamps!


After basecamps and on the way to lunch!


Then we went on a cave tour! We had to drive about an hour to get to the cave so here are some pictures from the ride!



I tried to get a picture of the mountains out the window, it didn’t really work.



While Arlene was giving instructions.

Now here are pictures from the cave:

IMG_4700 IMG_4716 IMG_4714 IMG_4713  IMG_4724 IMG_4728 IMG_4729 IMG_4736


It was a lot of fun! Really interesting! We got back to campus went to dinner and then went MainStage.



Lecrae spoke and performed which was cool!


Gangster Maggie.


So that was the first 3 days! Cyber high five if you made it through all that!