My weekend was great! How was yours? Here is what we did…




We just chilled around the house and went to town that morning. We still are without internet at our house so we have been going to our Dad’s shop to use his. We watched movies and had a campfire that evening which was a lot of fun!



Colin and I went to our town’s high school graduation. Here is my friend Lacey after she graduated! Before went to the graduation ceremony, Colin was telling me to be prepared for a lot of questions because of my seizure, and I actually didn’t get a lot of questions that day but at church the next day, whoa. It was cool to see how much people care and were glad to see me! That night we went out to eat and then came home and watched movies!



Sunday we went to church and then our neighbor had his grad party that afternoon. They had games planned and fireworks, but unfortunately it got rained out. Even though we live right next to them, I didn’t walk. We went home and  watched a movie together, and snacked. During the summer when we have grad parties we usually got for dinner or mid afternoon and then just snack when we get home. At like 7pm I said bacon sounded good, so my Mom made me bacon! Yeah she is pretty great.



Yeah for extended weekend! Actually we cleaned the house and did chores all morning, but it actually wasn’t that bad and I was just so glad to get the house cleaned! My Dad only worked half a day so we just chilled for the afternoon. It was pretty raining all day so we couldn’t do much outside which was kinda a bummer. At one point it stopped raining so my Dad built a fire, but then it started raining. During dinner though, the sun came out which was really nice! That night we visited with Gillian, who had been camping all weekend and had yummy cheesecake and ice cream!


So that was my weekend! Hope you had a great one!