…but I have really great excuses, I promise. So first off last week was packed full of stuff.


Our internet shut off completely. So I am using phone data right now.


We had youth group then my friend Annabelle spent the night.


We went to Annabelle’s house for a most of the afternoon and evening.


We had a wedding.


Oh Saturday will be forever sketched into my brain. Well at least part of it. So Gillian (older sister), Lacey (friend), Rachel (friend), and I went shopping. At about 8 o’clock we went to the salon so Lacey could get something done. As Gillian, Rachel, and I were sitting down, I passed out and had a seizure. My memory is really fuzzy for the time period from seizing and being in the ER. I spent the night at the hospital doing an MRI, and tons of other tests. I got home yesterday afternoon, and have been laying low and resting. I am still a little sore from falling out of my chair at the salon, but it is a lot better today. I still don’t understand the reason God allowed this to happen but I know that He has a reason for everything and someday I will understand. I am so thankful for everyone praying for me and helping our family out this weekend.


We are working on getting our internet on, so hopefully it will be on by the end of the week. I will try to pop in this week but don’t know if I will be able to everyday. Thank you all in advance for your patience!