So I have been thinking about memories a lot. Here are some that I laugh every time I remember them!


1: A couple of years ago my older sister Gillian had some friends over, so the rest of the family had to leave the house. My Dad, Colin(older brother), his friend Alex, Sophia(little sister), and I went to see a movie. On the way to the theatre, Alex told me that green bean spelled backwards spells gullible. Yeah gullible I was, because I spent the rest of the way there trying to figure how that was possible! Now I just laugh at myself!!

2: A little while after we moved into our current house Colin, Sophia, Solomon(little brother), and I were raking leaves. To pass the time up Colin and I thought it would be funny to tell Sophia that she was adopted. Yes it was mean, but we totally had her believe that in fact she was adopted!! So I guess that is one thing Sophia and I have in common!!#gulliblesisters

3: For my 12th (I think) birthday, I decided to make brownies and then I was going to decorate them. Well after I had scooped them into the cupcake liners, I realized that I had forgotten the vanilla (I should say at this point that I was doing the recipe from memory. I thought I knew that recipe like the back of my hand. Turns out, I didn’t) so I took the batter out and added the vanilla, then popped them in the oven. About 20 mins in the baking time, I turn the light on and notice that they don’t seem to be baking. I take them out and try to figure out what went wrong and them it hits me…I forgot the eggs!!  I was so shocked that I forgot to put eggs in!!  Anyway, we ate them but they were as hard as a rock!  Also, unfortunately this isn’t only time I have done this.

4: I remember right before the first Hunger Games came out, my siblings were telling me about the movie. I remember thinking “Wow that is going to be a terrible movie!”, and then a few months later it became my favorite movie! I surprised myself!

5: About 8 years ago on New Years Eve, my parents told us kids that they were expecting Solomon. We were all excited, and Colin and I started coming up with baby names. It didn’t take long to decide on Ima Pig Welch for a girl. Colin and I thought we were so clever. Needless to say my parents hated that name!

What are some of your fondest memories?