How was your weekend? My was great!! Here is what I did…


Friday morning I blogged and then my mom and I went to the bank and then looked at this little antique shop in town! Belle spent the weekend with us so we went shopping that afternoon!


That night we watched mom’s night out and ate ice cream, it was a great day!


On Saturday we had our town’s heritage days and so we went to the parade. The parade was good and here is my older brother on one of the floats! (They played “Meant to Live” by Switchfoot)!

Then we ate lunch at the park and then did our shift at our church burger stand! It was fun but tiring. Then just chilled the rest of the night and went and saw fireworks! It was a great day as well!


IMG_5019 (1)

Yesterday we went to Solid Rock Family Church at the Parkwood theatre in St. Cloud! It was different from what we are used to, but was a cool experience! After that we dropped Belle off and then went home and chilled the rest of the afternoon. My mom and brother went to VBS and then I did a test recipe and then relaxed the rest of the day! Such a great weekend! Bring on the week!!