question 1


I want me and my future husband to pick out a bible and in the front record every big thing that happens in our family! (We would start with our wedding date, and then put dates of like moves, births, etc.)!

question 2

Let’s see…Netflix and a going away party for my sweet friend Lacey! Excited for the party, sad that she is leaving. Which leads me to this…

question 5

All the people leaving for college. I am really going to miss them, but am excited for what God has in store for them!

question 3

“They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs, I’m the one that falls in love.” -Tommaso Ferraris

question 4

My quiet time in the morning! Reading God’s Breath is just relaxing and peaceful before the craziness of the day begins!

question 6

The future. Not just for me but my family and friends! I know there are exciting things ahead and I can’t wait for them! But if you wanted more specific…the holiday season:)

question 7

Oh my the list is long, so here are a few of them (in no particular order):

I will start to say something and then say,”Never mind.”

I am a loud chewer.

I don’t like watching movies that much. I am more of a TV show kinda girl, and I am SUPER picky about what I watch. Let’s just say I watch things by myself a lot.

question 8

Cheers Y’all, Katie Did What, Simply Clarke, and The Newly!


What are some of your answers?