God loves you

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need to be reminded that God loves me. I sometimes feel unlovable and think,”How can God love me?” I now realize that it is Satan’s way of deceiving us. As my mom always tells me, “feelings and thoughts can’t be trusted. They can deceive you.” The enemy was deceiving me with a feeling, because he didn’t want me to know just how much God loves me. And at times he deceives me by saying God couldn’t love me because of something I had done. So I didn’t accept God’s love, I felt like I couldn’t. See a pattern? Feel. So I just wanted to remind you today that God Loves You. With a love that casts out fear. A love that can’t be crushed. A love that nothing in the world can separate you from. A love that takes your burdens and fights for you. A love that never gives up on you. A love that will never stop pursing you. A love that brings peace in the midst of a storm. A love that brings joy out of sorrow. A love that allows you to love others. A love that can brighten even the dullest day. A love that can bring beauty out of ashes. A LOVE THAT NEVER FAILS. I could go on and on. God’s love is something that as humans we will never be able to fully describe and never fully understand but I wanted to share this today. I needed to be reminded of that too. So go on with your day and accept the love that God has for you and love others. Happy Tuesday!

1 John 4-19