1: Jesus. This year has been the hardest but the best year yet. I have learned so many things and have grown stronger in my faith and just learned a lot about myself. I love how God can change something really hard into something SO beautiful that you have to take a second glance!

2: Family. They constantly make me laugh and support and encourage me through everything. They are a blessing from God.

3: Friends. I love being around people! Which is really funny because I am naturally really introverted and always wanted to be alone, but now I don’t really like being alone that much. Plus I can’t be alone for medical reasons so maybe that’s why? #seizureprobs

4: Rolling down the hill. Something so simple that always brings me back to when I was younger!

5: Playing frisbee. Which last week I was terrible at but have practiced a lot and now am a lot better!

6: Internet. It is pretty awesome to have it back!

7: Netflix. Also I love that now with our new internet we can have 2 people on Netflix and it works perfectly. Before we could barely have one.

8: Blogging! I love having a place to share my recipes, craft projects, and heart!

9: Apple Music. It awesome, enough said.

10: Coffee. Also I am really craving a mint condition mocha from caribou right now.

11: Bible study. I have really enjoyed bible study with the girls from my youth group!

12: Bugs spray. Because let’s be real, I get eaten alive by mosquitos. It because I’m so sweet! Ha!

13: Getting stuff done. Last week I packed for my trip, cleaned the kitchen, living room, dining room, and my room, and started laundry! It felt so good to get it all done!

14: Instagram. Love seeing my favorite bloggers and friends photos!

15: Bagels. And of course with cream cheese, which I load on. No thin spots please!

16: Bonfires. Which I love but not with firecrackers in. A boy at youth group threw some in and every time they went off it scared me to death!

17: Making others smile or laugh!

18: Going on trips. Which by the time this is posted, I will be leaving Knoxville, TN!

19: Rain/Thunderstorms. They scare most people but I think they are super cool!

20: Tori Kelly’s music. I love her music but especially because she loves Jesus and is a great role model! Good celeb roll models are literally one in a million!

21: Embracing the natural waves. I have naturally wavy hair so I lately have been wearing it down.

22: Playing music loud in the car and singing to it!

23: Color. If you saw my side of the room (Sophia and I share), you could tell that I like a lot of color!

24: Watermelon. So juicy and refreshing in the summer!

25: Good smelling lotions! I am currently loving the Bath and Body Works, Georgia Peach and Sweet tea lotion!


What things do you love? Happy Friday!