Another great weekend for the books! Absolutely gorgeous weather and fun time with friends and family! What did you do?


This is a photo I took of our plum tree on Friday. I love this picture of the blossoms!


I attempted to watch something outside on Friday night but the wind was just a little too chilly.

On Saturday I got up at about 11am and almost as soon as I got up I wanted to bake something. So what did I bake you may be wondering? Homemade cinnamon rolls, but instead of the cinnamon filling I stuffed it with cheese and bacon then put a maple frosting on top. They were really good. Later in the afternoon I made cookies. Yeah so a lot of baking going on. My older sister had her friend over to spend the night, and I finished the day with Netflix.


Me on the way to church, Sunday. Yeah straightening didn’t do much to my hair. I was watching Cupcake Wars on Netflix Sunday afternoon and I find it so funny when the teams are saying,”Oh we are going to win, we are better than everyone else”, and then they go home.

IMG_4092 (1)

Oh you don’t cook/bake in 6 inch heels? In the late afternoon I worked on a recipe for Wednesday which I am super excited about! Our friend Lacey stopped by and then we watched Royal Pains on Netflix.


Well that is about it. Hope you have a great day!