So every few months we go to the cities and my mom and sister get their hair cut. So we decided to make it a family day outing. Here is what we did…

IMG_4485 (1)

It all started with me being shoved in the back of the car with these crazies. I will tell you it wasn’t boring!

IMG_4487 (1)

I read this book on the way!

IMG_4490 (1)

We dropped my dad off at the art institute and then went to the salon. Here is me waiting for them to finish. Bright pink lipstick for the win!

IMG_4491 (1)

Then me while we were going back to the art institute. I am so glad I don’t live in the cities!

IMG_4493 (1)

Then we went to IKEA and had lunch and went shopping. I posted this on Instagram.

IMG_4498 (1)

Then we went to the mall of america. I wanted to throw up looking at this ride.

IMG_4499 (1)

We got Caribou, so good! I always get the mint condition mochas, blended. What do you get?

IMG_4504 (1)

Here is Colin and I at dinner.

IMG_4505 (1)

And my dinner. It was so big I had to have 2 plates. Needless to say I didn’t make a dent into it. We went back home and had ice cream and watched Moms Night Out, which is really funny! So that was our day.