We got internet!! I am so excited to be back at this blogging thing!



So a few weeks ago, my brother Colin graduated from high school and we had a grad party for him. So here is a little bit of what we did. Note to self: Take more pictures.




That morning we had to pick up last minute things at the store, and finish cleaning the house. After we went to St. Cloud we picked up our friends Annabelle and Mia, and dropped Solomon off at their house. I find it funny that it was Colin’s grad party but my sisters and I had friends spend the night and he didn’t. That afternoon we went to the Rec. center to set up.






Sophia and Mia.



Belle and I.



My mom.



Lydia and Gillian.

Once we set up we went home and made about 6 dozen cupcakes. Then we chilled for the rest of the evening. Sophia and Mia get really crazy and hyper when they are together, so yeah they were a little nuts! Ha!




Here is me after I was woken up by a mannequin head shoved in my face. I sure was awake. Not.


Here is me awake at the Rec. center. We were ready and just waited for the guests to arrive.

The Menu was:

Chili (spicy and regular) and toppings


Veggies and Dip

Pie Parfaits


Puppy Chow


Here is our friend Rachel, Gillian, and I at the party. I was to busy talking to people at the party that I didn’t really take a lot of photos, hence the note to self at the top of this post.


Here is me after the party ended and we cleaned up. My hair in a top knot and ready to kick off my ankle booties. Here are some photos during clean up.

IMG_4330 IMG_4331


The boys went to mess around in the tennis courts, and play with a boomerang.


And here is Gillian loading up the car.

When we got home we put stuff away, and then we had a big after party which was a lot of fun! And the night ended in a huge thunderstorm (which by the way was AWESOME!), and we noticed our electrical wire was hitting a tree. Yeah thankfully our house didn’t burn down. Over all it was a great weekend!