I love cake decorating! But when doing it it is great to have a plan, so here is how to plan for cake decorating…

create a design

Create A Design:

Figure out how you are going to decorate it, then sketch it. It makes it really easy because you know where you want what, and what color goes where. It makes it easier and less stressful to decorate it.

make a schedule

Make A Schedule:

Figure out how many days you have to do it and schedule what needs to be done which day. Over the years this has really helped me to not be stressed because I have left everything for the last minute. Also, some things need to cool (like cake), or fondant decorations need to dry, so you need to plan for those things.

make a list

Make A List Of Everything You Need:

Like how much cake, frosting, and fondant. It helps you make sure that you don’t make to much or not enough.

make a s list

Make A Shopping List:

If you need to get anything from the store, you need to make sure what. Making a list prevents you from forgetting something you really need.


Gather All Your Recipes:

This makes it really easy to navigate your recipes and make them in a timely manner.


I hope this helps you with your cake decorating! If you have any questions be sure to email me at: