Happy Friday! I have my cousin’s wedding today, and a leadership retreat the rest of the weekend! What are your plans? Here is what I have been up to this week…



It has been really cold this week. It feels like fall! What has the weather been like for you?


Did you see my announcement on Tuesday? I am SO excited!!!!


We went to youth group on Wednesday and played capture the flag. Let’s just say I am not good at that game!


A few years back I got really bad anxiety about something happening to my family, so I found this prayer (sorry don’t remember what book) and have been praying it every night since-

Hold them closely in thy keeping, all the dear ones that I love. Keep them safe awake or sleeping Lord of the earth and Heaven above. Guard them oh most tenderly, they are safe if kept by He.



Sorry my post is so picture lacking. I really need to work on taking more photos.


Have a great day!!!



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