Hi and welcome to the fourth installment of my Favorite Series! Today we are talking movies! So yeah I am SO picky when it comes to movies and tv shows, and it drives my family nuts. But here are my current favorite movies…

hunger games

I love the Hunger Games movies (all my friends and family are probably shaking their heads!)! What I love about the franchise is that it is about a girl that changes the world and fights for her family. Usually the movies are about main male characters, but it is nice that now they are coming out with a lot of movies with strong female characters. What do you think of the Hunger Games?

catching fire

And of course Catching Fire is next! Honestly this was my favorite out of all the movies! What was yours?

mockingjay part 1

Mockingjay Part 1. Whoa this one is intense, and I almost cried. I know I will cry for sure in part 2.

hot rod

Last one is Hot Rod! I love this movie! If you ever need a laugh, watch this. It is like Napoleon Dynamite but funnier.


What are some of your favorite movies?

fs june poster

fs june schedule

I can’t believe next week is already June! Next week I will be talking drinks! See you then!