I have seen these done all over the blog world so I thought it would be fun to do it myself. I got a lot of these ideas from other blogs.


Age: 14

Birthday: December 27th

Cookie: Mollasses

Day of week: Friday

Eyes: Brown. Really dark brown

Favorite color: Pink

Game of choice: Heads Up

Holiday: Christmas, of course

Indulgence: Chocolate something

Job: Work with my dad

Kids: I want 4 kids someday

Live: Minnesota

Middle Name: Anya

Nicknames: Onion and Elias

Pet Peeve: Besides these, when people make plans that I am not apart of in front of me.

Quote: “Let’s show them what real beauty looks like.”-Effie Trinket (Catching Fire)

Right or Left Handed: Right

Siblings: 4, a brother and sister above and below me

Time you go to bed: I am a night owl so it varies

Unique food combo: I don’t really have any weird food combos, but I like fried okra with beans and cheese.

Vegetable you don’t like: Eggplant

Worst Habit: When I start saying something and then say,”Never mind.”

X-Rays: In my mouth

Yummy food you currently love: Bacon

Zoo Animal: I’m not a big animal fan


So there is a little bit more about me! Hope you have a great day!