I think spring has FINALLY sprung here in Minnesota and I just hope it is here to stay!! But thinking of the summer ahead of us, I have compiled a list of my favorite summer things!


1:  The warmth. Who likes being cold?

2:   The lake.  I love going to the lake in the summer! I don’t always go swimming(you are probably thinking why I go to the lake then) but I read or talk with others. I don’t know there is something that is just so relaxing about it.


(This is from last summer)

3:  Grilling out. Some things just taste so much better grilled, right? I love hanging out by the grill in the summer. And of course eating the yummy food!

4:  The scenery. Absolutely gorgeous. Especially in the early mornings, and evenings!

IMG_1272 IMG_1274 IMG_1215

5:  Bonfires. I love being around bonfires!! Roasting hotdogs and s’mores, while hanging out with people!! We do this a lot at youth group and it is so fun!

6:  Rain.  I know a lot of people hate the rain but I find it so peaceful, and pretty! Call me crazy, but I love going out in the rain too!



(This is from Solomon’s birthday last year)

7:   Celebrate birthdays. We have all the mens birthdays in the summer-my dad, and older and younger brothers. It is always a lot of fun!

8:  Making memories. I love to make up games to play, or set up the tent and just have fun in the summer! I love doing stuff we will remember for perhaps the rest of our lives.

9:  Sunshine. I know I said I love the rain(see # 6, above), but I love the sunshine too!!

10:  No school. I don’t HATE school, but I LOVE the break in the summer!!! I mean at this time of year everyone is just tired of it.  So this summer I am going to enjoy sleeping in, going to bed late, and not having to worry about anything school related!! It is going to be awesome!!

Summer is my FAVORITE season, so I am going to enjoy it!! What are your favorite things about summer?