This is the verse, I shared when I was confirmed last year. This is my life verse. For me it has always been a reminder that no matter what happens, God is always going to be there. I don’t have to fear becasue THE GOD THAT MADE THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH is taking care of me. Whom shall I fear? God is in control of everything, so I have nothing to fear. Now that is great news!  Now I am not saying I have never feared in my life, because if I said that it would be a lie. I’m human, at some point in our lives we all have feared. In fact, fear is something I have struggled with in the past. But I cling to this verse, because I know without a shadow of a doubt that God is going to take care of me. I know that I can trust Him. And when I am weak, I know He will give me strength. I guess what I am trying to get at is, that I know that I am not alone, God is holding my hand through it all.