These are my must haves when crafting:



From right to left:

Scissors-I like the bigger size.

A ruler- This is my shorter one, but I have a foot long one and I use that a lot as well.

Paint Brushes-I like the sets you can get. I know they are pretty cheap at walmart.

X-acto Knife-This is one of my favorite tools to use when crafting. Plus a bonus, because it is pink!

Sharpies-I love my sharpies. I have a set of 20 in the regular ones, then a set of 10 in the fine tip kind.

Glue Gun-I use my glue gun a lot, it is really handy. Just be carful, because you can get really bad burns from the hot glue.

Spray Adhesive-My older sister always teases me for how much I love spray adhesive, but it is awesome.

A glue stick-I love using it for when I make cards.

Glass containers-Really handy for when painting.

Tape-Really any tape, but I love washi tape.