4 truths and a lie

So I thought it would be fun to say 5 things, 4 true and 1 a lie. So I am going to say them and then you can comment below saying what one you think is the lie, and then I will update this post tomorrow and say what is the lie! Sound fun right?

1: I LOVE the Werther’s Original Coffee Carmel Hard Candies! It’s like a latte in candy form.

2: I am excited for Fall! Here is what I am excited for: Fall Youth Group, SCARVES, cool evenings, the leaves changing, and fall activities!

3: After watching the trailer for Mockingjay Part 2, I am not really that excited to watch it.

4: I have been listening to Christmas music in my room since June.

5: Whenever I go get a frozen drink from Caribou or Starbucks, I always put a sleeve on it even though it isn’t hot.

Have a great Tuesday!


And the lie is #4!