owning it

I have seen these posts done on a lot of blogs I read(like here and here), and loved the idea. So I thought I would do it too. So here are some weird things about me….

I can’t open up a pop can with it in my hand, it has to be on a table. I have no idea why this is but I just can’t.

I take FOREVER to spread things(like bagels with cream cheese and mayo on sandwiches), and my family makes fun of me for it. I just can’t stand eating something and it being dry in one spot.

I have my own audience. Usually I get a lot of “Oh, thats not really funny”. But lately I have been really funny, so maybe that’s changing?

I talk really loud. Usually my Dad says, “Elise, we are right here”.

I am a high maintenance sleeper. I have a fan to create white noise(I just can’t stand it being so quiet that you can hear your roommate breathing) and a light on(I like to be able to see things if I get up at night).

I LOVE thunderstorms and rain. I know a lot of people are afraid of them but I think they are really pretty and cool.

I don’t like cats. Yes, I went there. They are just moody, and treat you like staff. But I live with 3 of them.

When I make dinner without a game plan, I almost always start with sautéing a onion. They are my favorite!

I love lip products. Chapstick, lipgloss, and lipstick I love it all.

Most days you will find me sporting the top knot or a braid.

I took piano lessons for 3 years, then quit because it just wasn’t for me.

Also my older sister was in ballet for 6 years, so my mom signed me up to see if I liked it. Turns out I hated it.

I am not musically talented, like my Colin(older brother). I got the creative gene. And I love it!

I love the movie Hot Rod. Like really love it. I was too legit to quit!

I have an obsession with office supplies. Target sucks me in! I would go to Office Depot, but I am afraid I will go broke.

I love the TV show Last Man Standing, which my family loved when they were new. They only have 3 seasons on Netflix and I have watched them all 5 times. Colin told me that he was never going to show me another tv show, because I butcher them until new episodes are available!

I can’t drink anything (without a straw) while walking. I feel like I am going to walk into something.

I am addicted to mints of any kind. Icebreakers, Tic Tac, you name it.


So there is a bit of my crazy. Hope you have a great day!