Welcome to the last installment of my favorite series! Today we are talking apps, I would love to see your favorites so feel free to share yours in the comment section!

fs apps


Holy Bible

I love the You Version app! I love it when I want to look up a bible verse but prefer the real physical copy when studying. What I love about the app is the daily verse it sends me! It is so cool because some days the verse is exactly what I need to read and it is just proof that the Holy Spirit is working through me! I love it!!


This is my favorite photo editing app! I heard about it through Kristy from Seven Graces, and love how easy it is to use!


I hate using the built in mail app from IOS, so I use Gmail and it is a lot better.


I love having this for easy access to photos.


Love looking at Pinterest.


So there are my favorite apps and just for fun here is a screenshot of my iPod home screen.


Thanks for reading my favorite series! It was fun to do! Have a great day!